10 Reasons To Attend Network Marketing Events

10 Reasons To Attend Network Marketing EventsWhat are the 10 Reasons To Attend Network Marketing Events?

In this post, you will find why you MUST attend Network Marketing Events the minute you are part of this profession.

Before as I was a chef, I was brought up to the idea that the more trained you are from top chefs, you can grasp many things and have access to people who can take you to the next level.

With that in mind, since I joined the Network Marketing Profession just over 6 years ago, I attended most of my company’s Network Marketing Events.

As a matter of fact, I still remember the first international Network Marketing Event I’ve attended that was held in Athens, Greece where I saw the excitement and had the chance to meet the leaders and top income earners but most of all I saw the vision of the company.

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– Top General MLM Events You Must Attend Annually

So these are the Top 10 Reasons why you should attend Network Marketing Events, from my point of view. If you have any other ones, share them in the comment section below.

The 10 Reasons To Attend Network Marketing Events:

#1 Building Relationships & Connecting With People In Your Organization

Surely, this is a great time to solidify your relationships with your team mates.

You could have some new people from your team attending their first event and it will be great to help connect with others they have not met yet plus walking them through on what’s going to happen during the event breaks etc…

I love to gather my team for dinner/lunch during that weekend (sometimes even with other international teams) so we share stories and ideas collectively.

#2 Recognized For Your Results (And For Your Team Results)

People will fight for wars but will kill for recognition.

Every company has a ranking career path to recognize people’s achievements on stage where they will be able to share their story and how they did it.

In Network Marketing company conventions (which happen annually) there will be other recognitions and company promotions achievements.

For me, this was a breakthrough session when I related to a story I saw and heard during an event that helped me hit the next rank within 2 weeks from that event.

#3 Attend Mastermind Sessions

During big breaks, uplines/top leaders in your team usual set up a mastermind session where they gather the team for a mentoring session on the game plan for the next 90 days after the event.

Usually, they share few things starting from how to grow your market and what are the steps you need to focus on to execute after that Network Marketing Event.

These are priceless as the value you get plus the chance to ask questions helps in building more self-belief and to go after your next rank in the company.

#4 Get the Latest Updates & Information

At every event, there is always BIG announcements (especially in conventions) but also in Network Marketing Events of your company.

It is a great way to launch a team promotion or create a campaign that gets everybody talking.

As a servant leader, you’ve got to be one of the first to share that news especially now with social media by shooting a video about all this and the details about the promotion/s.

#5 High Energy Boost

As the time approaches for you to attend your upcoming Network Marketing Event, you will be more excited to talk about it with everyone you will meet or everyone you will chat with on social media.

That often creates curiosity as even if they will not attend with you, they will surely follow what is going to happen via your social media profiles or actual company ones.

If they are not part of your team yet, they might ask you ‘Where are you?’ or ‘What is this event you are at?’.

Another thing is that when you get to the event location and do your registration the energy there is electrifying and you will feel that energy from the like minded people around you.

#6 Meet the Executive & Corporate Team

When you attend these Network Marketing Events Or even Company’s Conventions you will have the chance to learn and know more about the company.

You get to know who is who and the values that they represent.

The corporate team will always try their best to make themselves available during the event as they create an environment of inclusion for everyone.

#7 Masterminding With Other Leaders

All the Top leaders in your company attend these events and that gives you the opportunity to meet them, take a picture with them and most of all introduce them to your team.

It will make a huge effect on your team especially to the new ones when you edify these leaders and they get the chance to say hello and take a group picture to remember that memory.

Also for you, get in contact with as many leaders as you can by introducing yourself and ask them great questions when you meet plus a chance to connect in the future where you can invite them to a team call or a webinar or event better bring them to your market to inspire and grow your team.

#8 Getting Access To New Company Merchandise

Something that I look for at these events is to check out the latest company merchandise.

As soon as I get in that is something I do as I want to have the materials and tools to build my business.

Train your team to do the same.

Do not get tools just for you or just for your actual team that did not make the event but for the future… for the new people who are going to join your team after that event.

Go early as most of the time they have a very limited stock and you do not want to miss out on the latest tools & merchandise.

#9 Seeing the Vision

It is easy to feel alone when you do not attend events.

By attending Network Marketing Events & your company’s convention you will see for yourself that this is bigger than YOU and how big this movement is on a larger scale.

It is an opportunity to be blessed by taking a look around the place and just realize that you are with like minded people that are on the same wave length and are going to the same direction as you.

Your belief in the company rises high and that’s when BIG DECISIONS are made.

#10 Traveling & Fun

If you are like me, this is something you should be excited for.

You are going to be traveling and have fun prior, during and after the event.

I look forward to the upcoming events before it is even announced.

You can go a few days before the event to tour the city with your team and enjoy your trip before you go into student mode in the weekend.


Statistics show that those who attend Network Marketing Events have 10x or more chance to Earn money than those who do not.

I highly recommend you to be present at every event if you are serious about reaching the top rank in your company and become a Network Marketing servant leader.

I know that these events cost money (most of them few hundreds of dollars) but investing in you are the foundation of your success… and it is worth every single penny!

Going to these events, it takes some time to plan and you will have to sacrifice being away from some days from your family, kids or loved ones.

Remember that you are doing this for them so make them understand WHY you are doing this.

If you are new these events will build belief and if you have been on the block for a while these Network Marketing Events will help you re-focus and get back in the game.

Go with an open mind, unplug yourself from what’s out there or whatever happened at home and be immersed in that environment to get the most out of the event.

Finally, you go to the events you grow, you get your team to the events you will explode.

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