10 Reasons Why People Will Quit Your Team

10 Reasons Why People Will Quit Your Team

10 Reasons Why People Will Quit Your TeamAre you looking to figure out Why People Will Quit Your Team or how come they are quitting your team and how you can prevent that from happening?

Let me be blunt with you.

Humans are quitters by nature.

We quit doing things (we quit school, smoking, playing sports, going to the gym, eating healthy etc…)

So you cannot stop them from quitting.

What you can do is understand why they will eventually QUIT.

In this post, I share with you my Top 10 Reasons Why People Will Quit Your Team in your Network Marketing Business.

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My Top 10 Reasons Why People Will Quit Your Team

Understanding these reasons will de-attach you from the outcome of how come, and why people quit.

REASON 1 – They do not have a BIG WHY

10 Reasons Why People Will Quit Your Team

It is an exercise that I do when someone joins my team.

I want to help them put down in writing their BIG WHY (family, more time to travel, giving back).

I realize that most people are not comfortable with both writings or sharing their BIG WHY because of limiting beliefs.

They do not realize that this is what makes them fight each and every day on their journey towards their dreams and goals.

When they don’t have a Big Why that makes them cry there is a high possibility that they will quit as they might have joined because of the money aspect instead of the belief that this opportunity is the vehicle that will help them achieve their Why.

REASON 2 – They are not plugging into the system & events

10 Reasons Why People Will Quit Your Team

Network Marketing companies all around the world create training events on a regular basis so people can learn the system that they need to follow to grow their business.

However, most people’s mistake is when they celebrate early when they sign up people (which is the easy part).

You celebrate when your new member plugs into the training system of your company.

When people start to lack off from attending local events and training, they are not sitting near the campfire which means that they have a higher probability of quitting next.

REASON 3 – They are prioritizing other things rather than their business

10 Reasons Why People Will Quit Your Team

Most people that join your team will do this business on the side (spare time part-time basis).

So, understanding that they have very limited time to work on this is important.

What is also important is to help them focus on what they should do as productivity during those hours (Inviting, Presenting & Closing)

Now, some will fall into that trap of de-prioritizing their Network Marketing Business and prioritize other things like hobbies and other things that won’t get them close to their goals and dreams but they do them because they are in the comfort zone and it gives them pleasure.

When they prioritize other things, they will put their business down at the bottom.

Then what normally happens they blame everything but themselves that it is not working and… they quit!

REASON 4 – They do not work harder on themselves daily

10 Reasons Why People Will Quit Your Team

One has to both develop two things in this business skill development (which includes studying the industry) is one and personal development is the other one.

I saw it a hundred if not more times that people that start to change their habits and start working hard on themselves and read the books you tell them to read, to listen to the audios you recommended them to listen and to watch the videos that will help them grow will stay in the game.

Others that think that they are smart or cool and do not work on themselves will fade in no time.

One main reason is that leaders are readers and people follow leaders, not followers.

That what separates the leaders from everyone else.

REASON 5 – They are not focusing on the income producing activities

10 Reasons Why People Will Quit Your Team

When someone joins your team you have to put them into action mode, not into study mode.

Amateur Network Marketers tend to overwhelm their new distributors/reps by telling them to watch 20 videos, to read the comp plan etc…

Instead of showing them how to get paid by showing them the basics or another word the income producing activities which are Inviting (show them how to invite after they made the list), Presenting (show them or hand them the video presentation of your company that shows both the product/service and opportunity) and finally Closing (tell them what to say as questions when they are close).

Remember that overwhelmed people will see this as another job or like school, instead of having fun doing it by focusing on what really matters.

When they do not focus on the income producing activities they will not make any money which will put them in a position to quit.

REASON 6 – They are not seeing results immediately

10 Reasons Why People Will Quit Your Team

Your goal with them and with yourself is to help them as fast as possible to show them that this works by doing the work as soon as they get started not a week later.

In my team, we have what we call Score in 24.

Which means our goal is to have the new distributor/rep to enroll 1 customer within 24 hours they’ve joined.

Doing this their excitement will go through the roof and their belief increases as they are motivated by this result.

If they join and they start to work within a week or two weeks after, life gets in their way and they start to lack off most of the time.

Guide them from day one to go fast through their hot list.

REASON 7 – They are buying other people opinions become their reality

10 Reasons Why People Will Quit Your Team

When someone joins they are all excited and ready to go to the top.

Then they start showing the deal and their close friends and family will laugh at them and tell them these things does not work.

So with that seed planted in their mind, they instill fear and lack of confidence when they invite, present and close their business.

They are buying people’s opinions dictate their future.

They are listening to someone that has no idea about our profession nor have had any success in life in business.

This is where self-development kicks in as if they lack self-growth they will follow and buy those opinions which lead them to give up and quit.

REASON 8 – They’ve lost motivation and excitement

10 Reasons Why People Will Quit Your Team

Somehow along the way they lose motivation and excitement mostly because of lack of results and that comes because they ran out of people who they can talk to.

I see this happening quite frequently and this is why I always teach people that your business starts at the end of your list.

Now, lack of motivation also comes from that individual who is not showing up at local and international events where the energy to re-charge is.

Big decisions are made at big events and not only that fun and networking with people will inspire you to move and overcome the obstacles you face.

REASON 9 – They start to focus on excuses (reasons why they can’t do it) rather why they should

10 Reasons Why People Will Quit Your Team

What you focus on expands!

This happens when people start to focus on excuses which could be from not having enough time, because of their kids, because they are painting their house etc… instead of shifting that focus on the reasons when they should do it.

The moment one goes with the excuses wave it tends to escalate and that is what they will see more of.

None of the leaders in your company they are where they are because of practicing their excuses but because of their focus on the reasons why the should.

REASON 10 – They FEAR the unknown and Fear of being successful

10 Reasons Why People Will Quit Your Team

In the beginning, it happened to me that I was afraid of being successful as I used to see celebrities being followed by paparazzi and that what was the success like for me back then.

So, when I got into the Network Marketing Profession I saw the opposite side where top income earners who make 7 figures per month are humble and grateful plus there is no paparazzi insight so they have their private life.

Some people have fear to succeed because none in their family have ever achieved anything and they were brought up in that environment.

In here they have the possibility to surround themselves with smart, successful people that are ready to help them go to the next level unless they do not hang around them anymore.

There is a thin line between fear and excitement and that is what causes people to either quit or keep playing the game.

BONUS: They clash with their Leader/Sponsor

10 Reasons Why People Will Quit Your Team


This sometimes happens as a reason why people quit.

Something happens, they have a clash with their leader/sponsor and instead of not participating in that situation they give up on the opportunity.

There are different characters I know.

I am not saying you are going to work with everybody and this is why you are a student of the game so someday you will become the teacher.

Some people take rapid decisions instead of talking with another upline further up that they can go to work with.

At the end of the day, this is a people’s business and you can foresee that these things can happen.

Though some quit for this reason.

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