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Are Your Affirmations Powerful Enough?

Gordon Attard September 27, 2010 Self Development No Comments

Hi guys,

This is something that at first I didn’t believe in as I really wouldn’t understand how powerful it is and the positive impact it leaves on you to have an awesome Day.

Are Your Affirmations Powerful Enough?

For those who don’t know what affirmations are, I like to call them my Morning Juice or Words of Power. God… they are so powerful and once you get used to them you won’t pass a day without saying them again… again and again.

Well… I prefer to read them out loud as I believe that when you read, it enters in your mind. If you have a favourite video clip you love to use as your daily affirmations I consider you to read them out loud and not just watch the words pass by.

“Feed your Mind… then Feed your Pockets”

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