How To Create A Network Marketing Team Promotion

How To Create A Network Marketing Team Promotion

How To Create A Network Marketing Team PromotionLooking for a way to create a Network Marketing Team Promotion and you do not know where to start?

Well, if you were like me…

I always wanted to find a way how to recognize those who perform in my team.

There is not a lot of information out there how you can put together a promotion that pays itself, that creates momentum in your organization and helps both you and your team rank up.

Your company will set big promotions… (cool)

However, you as a Network Marketing leader you MUST set up small team promotions if you want to skyrocket your business.

In this post, I will share with you everything you need to know to set up your first ever Network Marketing Team Promotion.

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The Mindset behind a team promotion

You might be asking yourself… why should I ever think of creating a team promotion?

My company takes care of that!

How To Create A Network Marketing Team Promotion

You see, you must understand that most (or all) of your company’s promotions are BIG promotions, which means that are suitable for top performers worldwide.

There is nothing wrong with that!


What about the 97% who for various reasons won’t be going for those big promotions as when they see what they have to do in order to achieve them, their mindset already shuts down.

This is why you are a network marketing servant leader should create small team promotions that will help people in your organization to qualify and win the promotion.

Small wins will lead you to big wins.

Reasons why you should set it up

How To Create A Network Marketing Team Promotion

It is YOUR business, not the person who sponsored you nor your upline who might live in another state or country.

If you have a small team going or a quite a team you have to think of a strategy to help them grow (while you keep growing yours).

If you are here and you just got started and have hardly anyone in your team, this is not for you at this stage but certainly, you should save this for later in your journey.

The main reasons why you should consider this is…

You are targeting to help the new distributor/representative that joined last night and the one who has been around for a while but perhaps lost motivation or isn’t in the game as much.

It creates a healthy competition in your organization that EVERYONE can participate in and that they can say… “Yes, I will go for it”.

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Tips to create and plan a Network Marketing Team Promotion

How To Create A Network Marketing Team Promotion

The first thing to consider is the period of time you are planning to do your team promotion.

Festive months, a month long and first who hits an X amount of volume are my top 3 one can choose from.

Apart from that…

Think of what prize you are putting together.

TIP: Always make the prize pays itself!

Be carefully for making a prize that is not within your budget as it will not be worth it after all.

Start small (prize does not have to be something you cannot afford but rather of value)

Some prizes you can give: self-growth books, tickets for an upcoming company event and exclusive private call with a top income earner in your company.

Another thing is to make it simple to understand and for others to follow.

Simplicity to understand how the team promotion works = more team members will participate.

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