How To Set Up A Network Marketing Business Game Plan for 2018

How-To-Set-Up-A-Network Marketing-Game-Plan-for-2018

How-To-Set-Up-A-Network Marketing-Game-Plan-for-2018Are you seeking a Network Marketing Business Game Plan to crush it in 2018 and beyond?

You have landed in the right place here.

In this post (watch the video below) I teach you how to set up your Network Marketing Business Game Plan for 2018.

This is for those who are serious to put their FOCUS on what really matters most in order to scale up their business.

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Network Marketing Business Game Plan Basics

In this Facebook Live Video, what I have done is to cover the basics that you can duplicate with your team in order to set them for victory.

Imagine having few people in your team having the right Game Plan for 2018 and beyond.

You will have to focus (working with) team members who have a plan doing their Daily Activities towards reaching their goals.

This is where it begins…

The Goal Setting Process

First, do this for yourself and show it and discuss it with your upline/sponsor.

Then do this with your team as it is important to have an outlook on what they want and where they are aiming for.

The more you know the more you can help them.

Consider this as a blueprint.

Activity X Skills = Results

Identify the W.H.Y?

It is the pain that drives you to never give up and this is why it is first to tackle.

Setting Goals

Start with the short-term goals focusing on the Activity + Skills (especially if you are new to the profession)

Then go for the mid-term goals… what we call the Job Replacement Goals.

Lastly, the long-term goals… the Freedom Goals.

Who is your Target Market?

Who are you targeting as potential customers that will purchase your product/service?

If you are in Travel… target people who are traveling or they follow travel stuff.

If you are in Health & Wellness… target people who are looking to lose weight or are looking for workouts.

Once you identify that you can FOCUS on connecting with people that potentially can be your customers and even business partners.


As a Network Marketing Professional, you have to be GOOD at all these 7 skills in order to have a big organization that follows you.

The most important to be good at in the beginning are Inviting, Presenting & Closing.

Then to become a leader, you have to be good at the other skills too.

So, one of your major tasks is to strive to be better than when you started each and every day.

Embrace the process of learning each skill.

How To Set Up A Network Marketing Business Game Plan for 2018

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

Watch this entire video to discover more how you can go to the next level in your business in 2018…

There you have it!

Download here the 90 Day Game Plan Sheet I referred to in the video above.

What is your main goal for 2018? Let me know in the comments below! 

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