What is Network Marketing and Why it is a Better Way?

Network Marketing, also called MLM (Multi Level Marketing), is one of the fastest growing distribution channels in the world.

Big companies like Toyota, Gillette, Colgate, Amway, Mary Kay, Oriflame, Tupperware, M2 applies network marketing.

Warren Buffet, one of the world’s richest men, owns a own network business.

Bill Clinton, former President of the United States, said that network marketing offers everyone the possibility of a better lifestyle.

Watch familiar faces that you might know, saw or heard about in this video below that have endorsed this industry…

More famous people that give great credit to network marketing are:

  • Richard Branson
  • Robert T. Kiyosaki
  • Tony Blair
  • Mikhail Gorbachev
  • Donald Trump

Four common distribution channels today:

Retail sales

The method we use most of. A product or service is purchased over the counter.


An unknown vendor contacts you, such as a vacuum cleaner salesperson or telemarketer.

Internet shopping

You buy an airline ticket, book or CD from an online website.

Network Marketing

Based on your being satisfied with a product or service and recommending it to someone you know. Customer can often determine whether he/she wants to buy the product directly from distributor or online.

Network marketing is a type of direct marketing and is something that everyone unconsciously apply and meet every day. You recommend a good restaurant you visited or a movie you’ve seen. The difference is that the cinema does not reimburse you for the service you provided when you recommended the film. With network marketing, you get paid for the services and products that you recommend. To advertise in television, newspapers, Internet and radio costs a lot of money. In the end it is always the customer who has to pay.

The network marketing removes these costs and representatives/distributors get the possibility of an extra income.

  • Network marketing sales each year, over 170 billion USD and is available in the current situation in more than 130 countries.
  • More than 70 million people worldwide are involved in this global industry.
  • 15-20% of all supplies in the United States launched via this method. Each week starting at least 300,000 people in a company in this industry. Of the 100 people who earn the most in this industry is the youngest 18 and the oldest 83 years so it’s never too late to start.
  • 99% of the world’s population is still unaware of this type of marketing so the possibility is endless.
  • Many believe that you should become a salesman. But we recommend products that we ourselves are happy with. And yes – you are selling products, but do not do force selling. You just tell what it has done for you and others.
Extra Income

Network marketing is a huge part of the global world economy.

Millions of families around the world earn extra money through home-based businesses to repay loans, take a family trip, to let the children pursue their interests or just increase the standard of living.

Better food, wine or more hobbies with friends and family.

Whether it is $1,000 , $10,000 or $100,000 a month so it can make a big difference.

This network industry is all about providing the opportunity to expand an income.

Average income in Malta (my country) today is about €1,092 . What do you earn? What are your expenses? Would an extra income be good for you?

Consider Average Monthly expenses:

Taxes, housing costs, car / transport, electricity / telephone / Internet / TV, food, insurance,
household goods, leisure / hobbies, children, travel / experiences, save.

What is there at the end of the month?

Most do not have many €100-piece left at the end of the month.

If Network Marketing could increase your income having €200-€1,500 / month, would it make a difference?

Depending on your work and your commitment, you can make it or more.

You decide.


The advantages of this form of distribution are many. For example:

  • Ability to earn extra money in addition to your everyday work
  • That for a small investment to create opportunities that often require much more effort
  • The freedom to choose your own working hours
  • Freedom to choose your colleagues
  • Low costs of running your own business
  • Possibility of residual income
  • Offering high quality products at an affordable price
  • No employees
  • Even with less turnover, you get opportunities, as well as a traditional franchise, take note of big business benefits such as low purchasing costs
  • Working with a group of positive people
  • A proven success concept with much assistance, support and training

If you were to open your own shop, the probability is not high that your competitor will help you get started.

In networking for marketing, success is created through support, training and personal development in the world class.

You have the opportunity to attend seminars for a small investment and access to books and CDs for gaining knowledge, making it easier to succeed.

It is about supporting others to succeed, so then you too will achieve success.

Challenges and Myths

Work needs to be performed and businesses ought to be managed as businesses. Only then will they pay as a business does. If you’re looking at this as a hobby – it will pay as a hobby. When you invest as little money as we do, many find it hard to see the great potential. Think of it as if you have invested €100,000 or €1 million, then it becomes more serious and the result will be greater.

– You do not need to do anything

Sometimes we are promised great rewards for minimal effort – to bad this is totally wrong! It always requires a commitment to get the dividend.

– Credibility

Some companies that enter the market have claimed to be serious players, but unfortunately, they have not lived up to their promises. The economy has not been what it needs to be, to build something stable or long-term. Some have not had proper products and some have not even had an opportunity to acquire customers. If you cannot see yourself buying the products you sell, it is very unlikely that many others are interested. What would it look like for example if McDonalds locked their doors and all the employees ate the burgers themselves instead of selling them? It would never work. Same thing here – we must recommend and acquire a customer base. Then there must be an affordable product that works and that people understand the value of using.

– Biggest myth – It looks like a pyramid!

Yes, like any large company, Mercedes, Google and Apple, this method is also structured like a pyramid. Many people have a wrong idea about what network marketing is. It happens to be the industry that is growing the most right now, and it is one of the fairest systems in the world. More than 70 million people are involved. If it were a pyramid, they would all be in jail, since pyramid schemes are illegal.

David Beckham runs around with a logo from a big network company. In commercial enterprises, employees are at different levels. Some are managers and some are laborers. Some give directives and others follow them.
Here the difference is that everyone participates 100% voluntarily, and all are given the same opportunities for advancement. Your colleagues support each other and the support enables you to succeed.

Those who work with network marketing have large stocks that they can’t get rid of.
Here, you have no stock and that can be a big advantage. You decide how much and what you order, and the customer orders directly from the company while you receive a commission.

– You can’t earn money without doing something.

No, nothing in life is free and there is always a price to be paid for success. You have to invest time, energy, education, and depending on your target income, you may need to adjust to a different level of work.

– They make money fast and it dies quickly

There is a proverb that says, “Quickly gained – quickly disappeared,” and yes – your effort and perseverance will determine how your income curve develops. If you compare your time spent to that of building income with a traditional activity, which usually require 5 years or more before you will see a return on any invested capital, so it is obviously a huge amount that can be attained faster with network marketing. Here you can decide how fast you want to go. With great products, and a focus on customers, it reduces the risk of decline.

– Many quit

People stop working at the beginning, quit their job, change careers and get divorced, to name a few minor setbacks. Yes, people quit for many reasons but the biggest reason is probably that the investment is relatively low. When they run into a little adversity it is easy to give up for the loss of the invested sum does not hurt enough or is not high enough to fight over.

Joining an network marketing company is no guarantee that the person will stay and never quit, just like in everyday life.
You can fail even if you choose the right company with good products and the right leadership

Yes – but why?

There are many reasons why people fail. Some expect everything to happen overnight. Take the example of the person who decides to start playing tennis. He buys the equipment, registers for a tennis club and start taking lessons. When a month has passed and he has not yet been able to play well, he says: “No – tennis does not work!” Well, tennis takes more than a month to learn, and if you want to go pro, it takes years of hard work, training and focus. The same principles apply to this industry. Giving up too soon is without a doubt the biggest reason for failure. Sadly, people blame the industry or company instead of actually saying that they did not have what it took. Some even take into methods to try to ruin it for others, perhaps blogs and writing letters to newspapers or submitting information to the TV that you feel cheated. Some are trying to convince everyone they know that there has never been anyone who succeeded in the networking industry. This is obviously disappointing but that is the way some people choose to work.

– If it is that good, everyone will do it

Will the market be saturated? Never. New generations are constantly growing up. Not everyone will say yes to this opportunity today, but in 5 years, it might fit better into his or her lives. In 10 years, there will be more people who have discovered Network Marketing. It is a positive activity, which makes interest for the project, grow easily.

– You have to be first in

Well, first-in is not always advantageous. It is more challenging and more things can go wrong in the beginning. Those who usually earn the most are those that come in when everything works and is clear. I am quite sure that the person, who will make the most money in Network Marketing, has not started yet. Everyone in the company has the same bonus plan so everyone has exactly the same opportunity. The more volume the more bonus.

– Many people have a negative attitude to this industry

No, it is actually not that many. But as we explained in the paragraph before – it could be someone who failed, someone who has a friend with products left in the garage that he / she has not sold, someone who is jealous, someone who got a wrong idea based on wrong information, or anyone who been involved in illegal pyramid schemes that have gone up in smoke. If you want to succeed, it is important that you do not listen to people who have failed or who have a negative attitude. If you were to invest in becoming a successful golfer, you would not take advice from someone who never played golf.

You choose the course of listening to someone who is good and who support you in what you start with.


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