Gordon Attard Testimonials

“Give value to others, not some of the time, not most of the time but every time and then you will see what happens”

Gordon is a huge believer in connecting with people. He networks on a day to day basis with people who have different lifestyles and different backgrounds. His easy to make friends and positive attitude approach attracts individuals that are keen to learn, discover, share and empower others together. These are some of Gordon’s testimonials from his business colleagues, top entrepreneurs, and acquaintances from around the world.


Johnny Wimbrey Johnny Wimbrey, CEO of Wimbrey Training Systems

I have been working with Gordon Attard for the past few years and since day one he has shown persistence, determination, and commitment to make a difference in people's lives. Gordon's integrity, credibility, and hard-work are the ingredients that will allow him to make an impact in this world.

Savvas Christofi Savvas Christofi, Network Marketing Trainer & Top Income Earner (Cyprus)

Gordon Attard is a passionate friend and one of the most determined people I know... I consider lucky the people will follow him and his dreams... He knows how to have fun, travel and get paid more... I love the fact that he is always humble and he loves helping any person to reach their goals.

Jacob Shekrel Jacob Shekrel, Personal & Business Life-Success Coach (Israel/Spain)

Gordon is a friend and a colleague in a business opportunity we are doing together. Gordon is a warm, enthusiastic and a highly motivated person who creates a significant change in his life and the lives of others. He is an inspiration for all those people who are working with him and who want to make a significant change in their lives. He is a skilled, knowledgeable and has many abilities to help every person who wants to succeed in his life.

Eamonn O Brien Eamonn O Brien, International Trainer, Speaker & Entrepreneur (Ireland)

I've known Gordon for just over a year, he is a fun person who cares about the people he works with. Gordon is a born leader, he leads from the front and is sincere about helping people to get to where they want to be in business. He can help and mentor you to take your life to the next level.

Chris Brincat Chris Brincat , Professional Tourist (Malta)

Gordon is a young positive committed energetic person, dedicated to achieving his goals, and he's a great team player and leader at the same time. He's an expert in online marketing strategies and he's excellent in sharing his skills.

Tonio Bonello Tonio Bonello, Journalist, Producer & CEO for 24seven Media (Malta)

I’ve known Mr.Gordon Attard for several years now. He’s a professional and a perfectionist in his own way of getting things done and in the way they are done. A Chef by profession, Mr. Attard is a rare find today just by being a humble modest person, but who radiates energy, motivation and a positive attitude. Today we have many people with sound academic background but with no hint of what real life is all about. For such distinctive qualities, I recommend Mr. Attard to any post deemed deserving.

Shirly Dwek Shirly Dwek, Artist & Entrepreneur (Israel)

I have met Gordon through the coolest travel club on the planet and follow each other on the web all the time and I love it! Gordon is a great visionary entrepreneur, with great team spirit and full of value! Keep living the dream and show others the way to a great life.

Akmalia & Sarman Akmalia & Sarman , Entrepreneurs of the 21st Century (Singapore)

Gordon is an amazing leader and business partner to work with. He always manages to add value to others daily. Thank you so much for your outstanding leadership. We are blessed to be in this journey together.

Malcolm Ghirxi Malcolm Ghirxi , Medical Laboratory Scientist & Entrepreneur (Malta)

Gordon is the ideal guy to make business with! He's very open-minded, knows his goals and has a Champion mindset! He's also a great Leader and leads by example. He has also got a great talent when it comes to personal branding, building his network marketing business online and through social media. Working with Gordon is a great and honorable pleasure.

Adeposi Okupe Adeposi Okupe , Founder at The Side Business Network

I am glad to have Gordon Attard as a personal friend and Success partner. He is a dynamic servant-leader with an unrelenting passion and personal commitment to helping people experience more LIFE in their years. Having worked closely with him in Africa, I'm happy to endorse his global vision of fun, freedom, and fulfillment as he enriches lives all over the world.

Valerie Fenech Valerie Fenech, Life Coach & Business Owner (Malta)

Gordon is a hard-working, goal-oriented individual who believes in success, but goes about helping others achieve success with their own goals. He improves his skills along the way by making sure he keeps investing in his business education, learning through new experiences, then sharing his new knowledge with others. I would not hesitate to recommend Gordon as he would be an asset to any company which decides to invest in him.

Marthese Vella Marthese Vella, Network Marketing Professional (Malta)

Gordon Attard is an amazing person, great coach, and leader ready to help always and anyone. You can feel his good energy as he walks in the room a real example of network marketing... he is an inspiration.


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