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What the hell is the ‘You Should Be Here’ blue banner?

Gordon Attard May 11, 2013 Travel Adventures 14 Comments
What the hell is the ‘You Should Be Here’ blue banner?

‘You Should Be Here’ is the sign of a movement that is growing rapidly in every street, every neighbourhood, every town and every city around the world. This is the story why…

Just a ClueYou might have seen lately either on the streets, in malls, on social media and even on TV these ‘You Should Be Here’ blue banners. You may have asked yourself… what the hell is it?!?

Well… it is your lucky day as I will explain to you who are these people flashing these ‘You Should Be Here’ blue banners happily around the world. It is funny how this Movement got started! The idea came from some fun, enthusiastic people who love to Travel, then the idea evolved into a banner that now many carry with them everywhere. Do you love to Travel?

The No.1 VIP Travel Club in the World; WorldVentures’s co-founders loved this idea of putting that slogan into their marketing strategy to expose the tremendous concept that is being created all around the world, a country at a time. The members loved the idea as thousands of thousands of them have used these ‘You Should Be Here’ blue banners everywhere in every way… I think (I might be wrong here) :) . The great side of it, is that this have created a social buzz in the 4 continents that the company operates in and let me tell you, this is just the beginning!

318177_621443341205976_696253140_nTo name a few places you might have seen these ‘You Should Be Here’ blue banners are of course facebook, London Olympics, Sport Events like NBA, Nascar Racing & Football, TV News, Airports, On planes, On cruises and the list is endless. The Fun side of it that the people who carries these banners are looking for more Fun in their lives so if you see them, get hold of them and why not, go take a picture with them… they won’t say NO to you :) .

So you can go to Singapore up to Texas and then to Greece and finally to Zimbabwe and you will see some of these ‘You Should Be Here’ banners which people can see on the streets or have seen on social media networks like facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest and instagram. Just ask them how to have one! The social buzz that this has created has made people aware or at least have a CLUE on what’s the fun all about. So people constantly are asking around how to get in touch with the ‘Fun Guys’, so they can also add more fun and pack more memories to their lives by having fun with other people who knows how to have a real blast wherever they go.

Bottom line is that if you are reading this and you’ll see these ‘You Should Be Here’ blue banners now you know that it is a huge CLUE for you as you know why. What I suggest you to do is to go and mingle with them and be-friend them (if you see it on social media, just ask them). It feels great to be with positive people that are in a movement that is making a difference around the world a person at a time. Join the Movement

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  • Carol J

    greatest company ever!!!!!

    • http://www.gordonattard.com Gordon Attard

      Totally agree with you Carol J :)

  • That guy

    You’re just a sore loser who will work until your body will no longer allow you. You’re just upset that your life is a scam. Which is why you belong to the 98% of the world which is broke & miserable. I’m pretty sure you’re nowhere near as wealthy as all my PERSONAL friends who told me to believe in this & pursue it. Probably nowhere near as wealthy as myself. EDUCATE your self on what ever it is that you want to put your 2 cents in so you don’t make yourself look like an a**. Either way, people like yourself are not welcome in our family. (Jonathan)

  • shiran farhi

    I’m in love in this company!!!!
    WV gave me my life back!!
    HERE WE GROW…!!! :)

  • harold

    what a scam

  • harold

    I was going to join, so I asked the guy who introduced me what would be available for my kids spring break, he said I’d be better off booking it elsewhere. no product, all a big scam

    • vincent

      So is it not that true that you’re assuming its a scam because your crappy introducer gave a weak response?

  • TrueBlue

    I admit that I didn’t know much about this company or network marketing before I joined, even though my folks had been in several similar businesses. They were top producers in their other ventures and always got to go on free trips because they did so well. I couldn’t join them most of the time because I had to work 1/2 the time or didn’t have money to join them (they’d offered to pay, but I always felt like a mooch). Since I’ve gotten in WV, my family and I have gone on 2 great DreamTrips, with 2 more on the way this year, and we’ve seen each other more in 3 years than we have in the previous 7 because we see each other and all the other wonderful members at events all over the place. Hanging with the leaders in this company & investing in my personal development has been worth the time & money spent alone. To top it off, my folks got a BMW & I’m real close to getting mine. As for all the naysayers, scams can’t get you those results. Those that say that it can’t be done should not interrupt the people doing it. Go find your deal and get off the corporate plantation!

  • shiran farhi


    OMG the little blue sign is all over the world!!
    We’re going global!!

  • Nick

    no such thing as a free lunch guys just be careful with this stuff not sure if it’s a scam or not

  • http://teamdoinit.net Derek

    LOL Ive worked for 15 years time to start looking out for me and stop paying Expedia to travel now Im paying myself……………Jonathan I have a degree!! I worked very hard but main you are brainwashed!!!

  • Melissa

    One of the “poor people” power couples that I am fiends with have earned 200k! Go Justs’!!!

    • Melissa

      Haha *Friends

  • Member

    Sometimes when things are too good to be true…You got to be cautious. Because once your in you’ve got no choice but to be positive in whatever you do even you know that it will not work out for you.