What the hell is the ‘You Should Be Here’ blue banner?

What the Hell is the You Should Be Here Blue Banner

What the Hell is the You Should Be Here Blue BannerWhat the hell is the ‘You Should Be Here’ blue banner?

‘You Should Be Here’ is the sign of a movement that is growing rapidly in every street, every neighbourhood, every town and every city around the world. This is the story why…

You might have seen lately either on the streets, in malls, on social media and even on TV these ‘You Should Be Here’ blue banners. You may have asked yourself… What the hell is the ‘You Should Be Here’ blue banner?

Well… it is your lucky day as I will explain you who are these people flashing these ‘You Should Be Here’ blue banners happily around the world.

How did it all Started…

It is funny how this Movement got started! The idea came from some fun, enthusiastic people who love to Travel and while on a holiday someone wrote on the sand ‘You Should Be Here’ took a picture and sent it out to their friends that they really wanted with them to experience more. Then the idea evolved and turned into a blue banner, that now many are carry around with them everywhere… anywhere.

It is the No.1 VIP Travel Club in the World co-founders that loved this idea of putting that slogan into their marketing strategy to expose this tremendous concept, that is being exposed all around the world, a country at a time. The members grabbed the idea as thousands of thousands of them have used these ‘You Should Be Here’ blue banners everywhere in every way… I think (I might be wrong here) :). The great side of it, is that this have created a social buzz in the 5 continents that the company operates in and let me tell you, this is just the beginning!

Where You Might Have Seen the ‘You Should Be Here’ Sign?

TNR Members Traveling Around the WorldTo name a few places you might have seen these ‘You Should Be Here’ blue banners are of course facebook, London Olympics, Sport Events like NBA, Nascar Racing & Football, TV News, Airports, On planes, On cruises and the list goes on and on… it is endless. The Fun side of it is that the people who carries these banners are looking for more Fun in their lives so if you happen to see them, get hold of them and why not, go take a picture with them… they won’t say NO to you for sure :).

So you can go to Singapore up to Texas and then to Greece and finally to Zimbabwe and you will see some of these ‘You Should Be Here’ banners which people can see on the streets or have seen on social media networks like facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest and instagram. Just ask them how to have one! The social buzz that this has created has made people aware or at least have a CLUE on what’s the fun culture that has been created is all about. So people constantly are asking around how to get in touch with the ‘Fun Guys’, so they can also add more fun and pack more memories to their lives by having fun with other people who knows how to have a real blast wherever they go.

Bottom line is that if you are reading this and you’ll see these ‘You Should Be Here’ blue banners now you know that it is a huge CLUE for you as you know why. What I suggest you to do is to go and mingle with them and be-friend them (if you see it on social media, just ask them). It feels great to be with positive people that are in a movement that is making a difference and adding more value in people’s lives around the world a person at a time. I Want To Start Experiencing More Too!

Now…Watch and discover the story of… What the hell is the ‘You Should Be Here’ blue banner!

*Disclaimer – If you do not like to Travel or to Save Money on your Travels, this is NOT for you!*
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