5 Things That Helped Me Change My Life

Here are 5 Things That Helped Me Change My Life because I wanted to!

In this post I am going to share something very personal that I haven’t shared thus far and the reason I am doing so is because I really want to help you… yes YOU succeed in your business and in life.

Decisions build champions and because of these 5 Things That Helped Me Change My Life I was able to quit my 70 hrs week job as a chef and focus on my businesses on my own terms.

I hope that this will not only inspire you but it will help you re-structure your system in order to go after what you want in a more focused manner.

Small tweaks makes a huge difference in your business but one must know what they are.

I understand that you might be in a frustration position today, but that all can change with small changes and that is what worked for me and I am very positive that some or all of the 5 Things That Helped Me Change My Life will help you to thrive in your life.

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5 Things That Helped Me Change My Life


In many cases most people want to do 20 businesses, using 20 strategies, 20 other different things… and eventually they do not have the results they want! The people who does a lot of things at the same time, NEVER achieve anything and this was my No.1 secret.

I do one thing AT A TIME and I don’t stop until I finish it and do it the best possible way.

So, instead of using thousands of different strategies, do USE ONE that is great and after you dominate it and have success with it then you move onto the next one.

Diversification is ok, but you do it when you already have results in one thing and you automated it well.

At that point you can build another business or on another marketing strategy.

But until that time… DO ONE THING… WELL!


Personally I do not work a lot, but the hours I work, I work hard. I carve those 3-5 hours a day in which I DO NOT PLAY AROUND, I work… that’s it.

I try not to open my email like 100 times, I don’t look FB e I won’t watch the notifications. Time management is Everything!

I have also managed those phone calls, skype calls and WhatsApp calls. I do not spend much time on a call talking about hundred things… I go straight to the point. That way I won a lot of time.

Calls will waste you a lot of time trust me. If someone wants to communicate with you for business tell them to message you instead of calling you.


If you understand this, there are no limits in how much money you can make.

I love looking around and how big companies and mentors of mine work.

I look for what is trending as advertisements online on social media, TV and from other marketers in other sectors.

And when I see something that I like, I ask myself:

“How can I use it as an inspiration, to personalize it for my audience and then to be able to apply it for my business?”

Use these HABITS and you will be a top marketer.


I remember all those sleepless nights and certain anger why I used to watch these super gurus online that were teaching things that they’ve never applied before, in order to get you the results that they’ve never had.

And they were making more money than me… A LOT of Money.

I was pissed off and was questioning myself “Why them yes… and me no?”

The answer is pretty simple… Because they DARE To WIN and I wasn’t.

So my friend trust me, STAND YOUR GROUND and put the record straight, here in

Your business is YOU who commands over all the competition and if you have the

right knowledge do not be afraid to get involved and take your space!


When you start in any business there will be people who will try to mess with you in different ways taking advantage of your insecurity, some people demoralize you and will try to tell you bad things, then there will be people who will try to abuse your time or to make fun of you … Stop them NOW And let them know that THEY BETTER DO NOT MESS WITH YOU.

Add value to your time and your person, because YOU ARE IMPORTANT

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