What Do You Lead With Your Product Or Your Network Marketing Opportunity?

What Do You Lead With? Your Product Or Your Network Marketing Opportunity?

What Do You Lead With? Your Product Or Your Network Marketing Opportunity?

It is an interesting question many might be looking for the answer and in this post, I am going to share with you my take on this.

You might be curious to see what other people are doing to market and build their businesses.


You might be looking to learn what is best to do as you just got started in the profession.

Let me tell you one thing…

This post will help you get both answers.

Many might have different views about this (and that is cool) but I believe that what you will find out in here will show you the best way in order to get more customers in your organization.

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Should I Lead With My Product OR Network Marketing Opportunity?

There are many versions for this and as a Network Marketing Professional for the past 6 years, I find that there are 3 ways you can lead with.

I tried them all 3 and in the conclusion below I share with you not just my pick but what works best for me, that helped me and is helping me today in order to have a team in 17 different countries around the world.

All of them work as long as you are able to ASK Great questions to the person you are talking with.

You’ve got to be a Good Listener in our profession as you can provide them with the solution and that could be what you have to offer.

Benefits of Leading With Your Product In Network Marketing.

Let’s start with the Product.

It is wise that if you decide to lead with your product instead of your Network Marketing Opportunity, you’ve got to know your products and at least attended a product training plus (having used the products yourself will help).

Another thing is that can help you are Stories…

Be a Story collector and document stories (whether it is images or videos) as Facts tell, but stories sell.

Ask people in your team who have used your products and document that so you can use it as a tool to lead with when you are introducing your product to someone new.

I find this method very efficient as you will see that those who bought the products and tried them out, if they fall in love with them usually they cannot wait to share and talk about them with their friends and family.

That is when you tell them about the business opportunity you have and how they can benefit from that.

What Do You Lead With? Your Product Or Your Network Marketing Opportunity?etwork Marketing.

Benefits of Leading With Your Opportunity In Network Marketing.

I would say that depends on the person if it’s a good friend you can easily lead with the Network Marketing Opportunity because they trust you if it’s random person (cold market) leading with the product is more ideal to draw them in.

Do not pitch to your friends or family but rather peak their interest or as I say ‘test their pulse’, so what I do is I bring it up in casual conversation if they ask “what do you do for a living, still working in that place” or “whats new in your life” I mention that I’ve got this little part-time going and simply hand them a sample nothing more.

From my experience (and you will encounter this if you got started), most people I encounter are interested in making extra money… though on occasion, depending on the product, some want the product.

When I first started in Network Marketing I was attracted by the opportunity to generate extra income, I did not need or want another freaking bill (auto-ship) that I had to pay monthly for product…

So, for me comes down to the OPPORTUNITY and if it will offer me the greatest chance at creating income, especially in this day and time…

After they showed me the compensation plan and I started attending events (educating myself) and learn about the power of residual income, then I understood why it is important.

What Do You Lead With? Your Product Or Your Network Marketing Opportunity?

Benefits of Leading With YOU as Your Personal Brand In Network Marketing.

According to Entrepreneur.com the best way to attract new customers and possibly business partners is to create a Personal Brand.

Let me tell you since I started to work on mine and leading with it, I enrolled more people than I did before because people join you not what you do.

If you see what the top leaders in your company do is to brand themselves not the company.

Unfortunately, you might be thinking… yes I will do that when I hit this rank or that rank.

And… that is so wrong.

You’ve got to work on your personal brand NOW!

This is only if you want to create an audience that follows you (like they do with musicians, artists, and celebrities).

When you do that and start providing value that is relevant to what you sell and around your opportunity, people will see you as an influencer or better a person of authority.

That is what attracts other people to you.

That is without mentioning your company (like most reps/distributors in your company are doing).

What Do You Lead With? Your Product Or Your Network Marketing Opportunity?

Great Resources for You:


There you have it.

Now you know that the 3 methods work in certain situations.

My favorite one is hands down by building your brand and show, share and teach what you know, learn and invest in.

People will start to follow you the minute you give them value and not pitch them (they are being pitched every day).

That will lead for people to ask you ‘What do you do?” more often and then you can ask them questions to qualify them if your product is a fit for them or the opportunity.

So, starting early building your personal brand will help you create an audience that would potentially see them to either become your customers and possible business partners as long as you keep proving great content or documenting your journey in this great profession.

Thinking Of Branding YOU?

Are promoting your Network Marketing Company or are you promoting YOU?

You see people join people and not companies.

And because of that, you’ve got to start branding yourself.

You are probably scratching your head right now and I completely understand… I was there too!

But I knew I could see more results if I started to work on my personal brand and I want the same results I am having for you too.

If you want to attract more people, stand out from other company reps, increase your visibility that draws you more qualified potential customers and new reps, this might be for you.

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