3 Key Components to Using Social Media for Your Network Marketing Business

3 Key Components to Using Social Media for Your Network Marketing Business

3 Key Components to Using Social Media for Your Network Marketing BusinessLooking to use Social media for your Network Marketing Business?

You know, the thing about social media is that whether you use it for your business or not, everyone is watching.

Social media is and can be an awesome tool to build relationships AND grow your business successfully.


I see that many times, Network Marketing reps/distributors let social media use them, instead of them using social media.

Meaning, they are wasting so much time with social media doing it completely the wrong way.


They fall into some of the Network Marketing social media mistakes…

In this post, we will be covering the basic components of social media.

Because maybe you are just getting started in the network marketing profession, or, you have your team and wish for them to learn as well.

These are tips that are basic, simple, and duplicatable.


That is crucial in our profession.

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Building Your Network Marketing Business Online Just As it is Offline

When you go to an event or a party, what type of person do you want to be when you go?

Do you just sit there in one corner and not talk?

You probably wouldn’t…

You would talk, mingle with people.

Social media is exactly the same as offline networking!

One of the major myth is that social media is totally different.

When it’s not…

You’re doing what you do in your normal lives but using a different medium, a different channel.

That is why before any tip or tool you are going to apply…

You want to learn and apply the following when using social media for your business.

The 3 Social Media Components

1. Be Visible

You want to be visible through your profile, cover photos to seek attention.

Seems obvious, right?

Well, believe it or not, there’s a lot of network marketers that make the mistake of not using a photo of themselves.

They use their toddler or dog or cats photo instead.

It’s like going to a party with a mask on and not introducing yourself…

People can’t see you, you’re like the invisible man, invisible woman.


You are not being a pro.

You’re here to build relationships.  

The whole Facebook thing is basically a fun big party.

You wouldn’t go to a party and not introduce yourself, so don’t do that on social media


Because remember, people buy you first before anything else.

They have to be able to see you and trust you.  

If they can’t see your face, then how can they even know who you are?

Two great tools you can use to set up a great profile or cover photos are:


You can upload personal images and create/edit them as you like with the templates and designs that they provide. Some templates do cost ($1-$2 US), but most are free, and work on almost any type of platform.


Here, all you really need to do is-

Send them an image, tell them the dimensions you want and for what social media platform, and they’ll fix it nice for you. Most start at $5 US.

Now, that is one way you need to be visible…

The second way is through your presence-  genuinely engaging with people by commenting, sharing, messaging, etc.

These Other Social Media Resources Are What You Need To Read:

2. Provide Value and Be Present

Provide value…

One of the most important things you can do is provide value to your audience by sharing something educational, inspirational, or entertaining. 

For example… Documenting what is happening at an event you are attending and sharing tips is a great tip instead of creating.

Think about, how do you provide value in normal life?

You make people feel good.

You give tips.

Share an event, a joke, etc.

Online is the same thing!


You are sharing value through interesting content AND being present by engaging with your audience.

Engaging simply means you are genuinely commenting on people’s images, messaging them, etc.

But, DO NOT go and ‘like’ a bunch of people’s stuff just to get ‘likes’ back…

Facebook can recognize that and will penalize you for that.

Learn more why and how when you get access to these two ebooks for free.

You share and engage for two reasons…

One, you simply always want to be sharing and connecting…

And two, if it’s not interesting and you’re not engaging, you’re just wasting time for yourself and your business.


Just because you post, that doesn’t mean people will see it.

Facebook can decide not to show it to people if you are not intentionally engaging.

3. Attraction Marketing

Who do you want to attract into your business?

Probably the same type of people you’d want to attract into your life, right?

So, this ties to who you are being.

You’ve got to be comfortable, or uncomfortable, in showing who you are.

Share your lifestyle with people.

Whether it’s travel, your family/friends, cooking recipes…

Share your lifestyle and mix it up a bit.

For example, one day it can be a business post, the other day it’s a lifestyle post, and the next day it could be something funny.

Don’t be afraid to show people your transformation.

You being in the pictures is what matters and what get more engagement.

Don’t be shy… this is a huge tip here!

People buy change and it’s dramatic change that gets people interested.

Don’t worry about the past.

It becomes your best stories, or, your weakest point becomes your best stories.

Where do you stand with social media?

Comment below where you stand, and, how this post was helpful to you.

Remember, whether you are just starting out or not, implementing these 3 elements consistently will bring forward lasting results- for your relationships, and your business.

Do you have a product or a service and you are struggling in getting the word out online?

Maybe technology or social media are not your forte?

If you have a business, product or service and you are not using online marketing you are missing a big piece of the pie as nowadays most people spend most of their time online using either their phone, tablet or laptop and stats shows that people are purchasing more items online than ever.

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