Top 12 Reasons To Join A Network Marketing Company

Top 12 Reasons To Join A Network Marketing Company

Top 12 Reasons To Join A Network Marketing CompanyAre you looking to see the true potential of joining a Network Marketing Company?

Maybe you are searching to know more how can it fit or be beneficial to you or someone close to you.

You friend just showed you some information and you quite not really understanding exactly how you can take advantage of this opportunity.

In this post, I will share with you the Top 12 Reasons To Join A Network Marketing Company that will help you outline and perhaps respond your concerns you have right now.

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These Are The Top 12 Reasons To Join A Network Marketing Company

Top 12 Reasons To Join A Network Marketing Company

Due to the business model of Network Marketing, companies invest heavily in research and development of their products/services unlike companies that use big chunk on their cash flow in picking up a celebrity, an athlete to be their frontman of their marketing campaigns and little on overseeing the quality.

As Network Marketing works with ‘word of mouth’, people who recommend the products have and are using them and see their value and there is no better advertisement than that.

You can check someone’s stories and experiences on using that particular product in the company you are looking into or someone has shown you the information about.

The quality of the products/services you will find in Network Marketing Companies is much higher than the ones you find elsewhere on the shelves.

There are pros and cons!… Why?

One can see that because you don’t need any background checks, any qualifications or any level of education, this is not the right profession or you cannot grow it as a career.

That’s totally wrong & silly!

But, that’s a con most people think!

In Network Marketing, one of the pros is that everyone has the opportunity and possibility to start and LEARN the profession (just like any other profession out there) but you do not need the approval of anyone.

That’s a big thumbs up!

If you want to move up the ranks in a Network Marketing Company, you’ve got to be coachable and teachable by plugging yourself to the system and follow the right mentors that will guide you to succeed anywhere in the world.

Negativity out there is always available but in this profession, you will connect and be surrounded with positive people in a positive environment.

As in Network Marketing, you can only succeed if you are willing to help enough people get what they want. (the opposite of in a job)

So, building your network marketing business with a positive attitude, focusing on teamwork and helping in rising leaders solidify growth and people who are happy, having fun while growing and earning money.

Network Marketing events are organized not only to see the new updates and new products but also to connect with like-minded people and that is why you absolutely should attend events.

I remember when I joined Network Marketing in 2011, I was working 70 hours a week as a chef and I had 1 day off.

So, I had to start building my organization due to flexible hours that one can work in the Network Marketing profession.

You can work 9 to 5 on your job and 6 – 10 work on your network marketing business.

Start on your spare-time or part-time and scale it (so you go big-time) depends on your goals, hunger, and ambition to make this profession as your lifestyle.

The most important is to be consistent with the hours you have in your hands.

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Job security is long gone!

Yeah… it does not exist.


Because that is a thing of the past and from my personal experience and friends of mine too.

After 3 and a half years working on my last job as a head chef in a restaurant, the owners closed down the doors and 7 staff members (including me), we ended up without a job.

In Network Marketing, you’ve got to work hard consistently by eliminating certain distractions for 3-5 years, to create your own security.

That’s the residual income that most people have no idea what it is (I didn’t know what it meant but when they taught me what it is, I couldn’t sleep for 2 nights).

You are in charge of your own and family economy and not your government.

Create your own economy so you create your security.

The fact that joining a Network Marketing Company could cost you from $200 – $600 (on average) is a very low start-up fee compared to opening a brick and mortar shop downtown.

For me, this was a big YES!

Here is why!

Number one is because of the No Risk involvement.

Where when I was approached to open a restaurant (many times before) I needed to fork out minimum $25,000 to start with when I did not know when and how fast I am going to get my investment back.

That’s not it…

Then there is the overheads, the staff turnover and the sleepless nights on how to get more people coming to the shop.

In Network Marketing, the beauty is that you do not need staff, you do not need an office space downtown to operate as you can work from home (so low overheads) plus you can scale your business and have customers and business partners worldwide.

In many companies (like the company I am with), you can get back your start-up fee that you put in, as fast as in your first month if you put in the necessary work.

Another reason of joining a Network Marketing Company is that one has no cap limit on how much they can earn in income.

Unlike in a job, where you have a cap limit every month or yearly.

In here, you set the bar as high as you want.

So if you are driven, the sky is the limit!

The more you invest in your growth and the more you take massive action towards your goals, the more income you make.

Another perk when it comes to joining a Network Marketing is that you can work from home.

You can wrap this business around your lifestyle.

What would it mean to you to see your kids grow and at the same time you are working your business using your smartphone or your laptop?

In other businesses, you have to open the shutter and stay in the shop waiting for the customers to make it work.

In Network Marketing, you can take your business with you as many companies have online tools that help you share the information in a video format or using platforms like skype/whatsapp or zoon to make calls.

The moment I saw the vision where this profession could take me, I had my purpose and my direction switched on.

I know why I wake up in the morning for and the way I am heading.

This is something that when I was working for someone else, I did not have.

Network Marketing will help you make your Why clearer and you have the chance to meet and work with some amazing individuals that might have the same purpose as you.

So you can support each other.

All companies have events that touch your personal growth.

This is the most important things that constantly you need to work on and Network Marketing facilitates that with audios, videos, live events, online events etc… that you can have in your pockets to plug in every day.

This will help you grow as a person, as a human being and as a citizen in your country.

Personal development changed my life.

Read the difference between Linear Income vs Residual Income in here.

The true potential of Network Marketing is to have the possibility to earn residual income.

Starting from an extra $500 – $1,000 per month on top of your salary.

This how time and financial freedom can be created as you work hard for a period of time (3-5 years) and you earn overrides from the customers in your organization.

Warren Buffet said, “If you don’t make money while you are asleep, you’ll have to work all your life”.

Your Network Marketing business is willable and you can leave a legacy to your kids and their grandkids and their grandkids.

So your loved ones can inherit your asset (which is your Network Marketing Business).

Working hard on acquiring the necessary skills will allow you in scaling your business, reach your desired goals and leave a legacy before you leave this earth.

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